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said the court,air max femme, the accused Carrefour sales product's behavior constituted fraud, returned to the plaintiff 17.8 yuan for the judgment of Carrefour and compensate the plaintiff 17.8 yuan a total of 35.6 yuan; as the product manufacturer,moncler prezzi, bear joint and several liability company to Carrefour compensation liabilities.
in August this year, Shenzhen City,air jordan 6, Nanshan District consumers to Mr. Zhang purchase price of 17.80 yuan Xu card crunchy candy, Sha Qima, mango crisp in Carrefour, found in these product outer packing list of ingredients are marked "TBHQ" and "BHT" a,chaussure tn pas cher, upon inquiry after that, "TBHQ" and "BHT" it is a food additive,louboutin, antioxidant,?nike tn pas cher, anti-corrosion function.
9 at the end of the month, Mr. Zhang will Xu and Carrefour to court,moncler bambino, believe that the purchase of the product is unqualified products, the defendant's acts constitute fraud,nike air max pas cher, therefore,jordan basket, request the court to order the refund of the purchase price, compensation of 1 times the purchase price 17.8 yuan,giubbotti moncler, and the loss of 100 yuan.
"standards for use of food additives" (GB2760 2011) specified in the "BHT", is "the corresponding name two butylated hydroxytoluene"; "TBHQ" is "the name TBHQ". Issued by the Ministry of health,air max homme, a "government information public notice" shows: "use TBHQ" "does not include the sweets and cakes.
xinhuanet.com Guangzhou 13 December report (reporter Liu Dajiang) because of questions about three products well-known candy enterprises Xu's illegal use of food additives, Shenzhen consumers will Xu and retailer Carrefour prosecution to the Shenzhen Futian District people's court, request a full refund and give the 1 times compensation. Recently,moncler milano, the court has been hearing the case and judgment on consumers win.

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The mother of a 5-year-old discovered what was going on when the girl told her: ?Mom, I will never catch cold. Teachers ask us to take medicines every day.? The mother, surnamed Cheng, found the classmates had been taking the tablets since last year.
Some parents suspected that the kindergarten was at pains to have children attend classes every day to avoid having to pay refunds if they were absent.
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