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12.03.2014, 20:26 email offline quote 

'Abhorrent' hole in AFL coaching ranks
Given the annual regurgitation and rollover of assistant coaches within the system you would think that one head coach would accidentally fall across a candidate that has an indigenous background and a successful playing career (not in any aspect important, but evidently part of the criteria recently)?What seems completely weird is the lack of either candidates or opportunities to coaching ranks. One would at least think the same numbers that prevail in the playing arena (11% remember) would waterfall towards coaching (about 15 of the 140 coaches). It's true I coached Jason as a 15 year old young man in Warrnambool,sacoche longchamp, in Victoria's south west,trousse longchamp, and watched him grow into an outstanding citizen as well as coach nearby Koroit to a premiership in the Hampden League. He was a tremendous attribute to our coaching system at St Kilda which is still verified by his co assistants of the time. He went on to coach under Rodney Eade at the Western Bulldogs when he got the "don't come Monday" after my demise.
The greatest Indigenous footballer who was never interested in going play in the VFL. In his time he wanted to play against what was determined the best, at state level. And he proved his point.
He could have went on and coached, and he would have been very succesful, because he had the respect of the players he played with and against, but more importantly, HE WAS AN OPPOSITION COACHES NIGHTMARE.
Thommo is partly right., he just doesnt have curlew about who was the best Indigenous footballer.
That's South Fremantle you stupid Victorians.
It is sad, although somewhat unsurprising, that a lot of the comments don't look at what Thommo actually says in his script. His statistics look very sound and there is an obvious under representation of former indigenous players in the coaching ranks. I'm wondering if Thommo knows how regularly these guys apply for positions in clubs and get overlooked. It may possibly be that a lot of the indigenous ex players return to their homes after finishing footy and don't want to stay involved at AFL level. maybe not,sac longchamp pas cher, though! Some of the names of current indigenous plyers mentioned are wonderful representatives of their clubs and people and I, like thommo, would love to see them become coaches or assistants in the system in years to come. You'd think with their vast experiences they'd be great role models for the indigenous boys coming into the system, as well as players of any nationality due to their impeccable playing credentials. Good on you for noting this issue, Thommo!
Grant you are so ill informed,chaussure tn pas cher, go take a look at Swan Districts web site and take a look. But as like all Victorians if it doesn't happen in Victoria it soe not count. If you don't know what you are talking about become a politician.
Who cares what nationality the coaches are. They are picked on who the club or senior coach thinks is the best person for the job. There are no senior female coaches either, does that mean every club must apoint one. Grow a brain Grant and let the clubs chose who they think will be the best coach for their club regardless of race, colour or sexuallity. Are we going to use the excuse now that indigenous people have not been given the same opportunity as others?
Once we have promoted an indigenous person to that role perhaps we can look to a greek,tn requin pas cher, italian asian indian pakistani or anyone else but an australian who may just happen to be white,jordan shoes for sale, for the role.
seriously Grant,air jordans, lack of indigenous coaches at state level,besace longchamp, you obviously didnt look at the Territory then did you???
you wouldve found a number of indigenous coaches here, but once again, Darwin the Top End doesnt rate a mention in the AFL world,escarpin Louboutin pas cher, you seem to forget that maybe 2 3 of the Top 10 players in the last say 10 years have come frome where,cheap louboutin shoes, Darwin, oh where is that place i hear you ask, try taking your head out of your for a minute and looking on a map,air max pas cher, you might find it then.
Thank you for sharing your opinions with other users of NineMSN. People will find your comments more helpful if you include relevant information and avoid some common pitfalls.
Please note: All reviews and comments submitted are subject to moderation,new jordan shoes, NineMSN reserves the right to alter and / or remove any content that does not comply with usage guidelines.????????




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