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A Puppet Could Coach These Chargers
San Diego Chargers general manager AJ Smith appears to have become a clone of the man who replaced his predecessor in Buffalo,longchamp pas cher 2014. Smith followed former Buffalo Bills GM John Butler to San Diego after Butler was fired by owner Ralph Wilson and replaced by Tom Donahoe after the 2000 season.
Donahoe was run out of Pittsburgh after losing a power struggle to then Steelers head coach,cheap jordan shoes, Bill Cowher. One of Donahoe's first duties in Buffalo was to find the Bills a new head coach. Rather than hire John Fox or Marvin Lewis, the defensive gurus of the past season's Super Bowl teams, Donahoe decided to go with Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams.
Williams lasted only three seasons in Buffalo and compiled a 17 31 record with zero playoff appearances. Meanwhile,tn chaussure pas cher, Fox became the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and brought the team to the Super Bowl only two years after finishing 1 15 under George Siefert. Lewis worked a small miracle of his own, bringing the 2005 Cincinnati Bengals their first playoff berth in 15 seasons.
Donahoe faced a second chance in 2004 when he could have chosen from candidates such as St. Louis Rams coordinator Lovie Smith, New England Patriots offensive mind, Charlie Weis,new jordan shoes, former head coaches Jim Fassel, Dick Jauron, and Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey.
While he may have been right about Fassel, he was wrong about Mularkey, and it cost him defensive coach Dick LeBeau,air jordan 5, who helped the Pittsburgh Steelers build a zone blitz defense that won the Steel City its fifth Super Bowl, under the leadership of the man who pushed him out Bill Cowher.
Lovie Smith brought a horrible Chicago Bears team to two straight playoff seasons and Super Bowl XLI, while Weis has rebuilt the University of Notre Dame into a national football powerhouse, something it hadn't been since before Lou Holtz's sudden retirement.
After Mularkey's 9 7 rookie season, he lost his team in 2005 as the Bills finished 5 11. Donahoe was fired and shortly thereafter, Mularkey resigned as head coach.
Donahoe may have eschewed more qualified head coaching candidates, hiring Williams and Mularkey simply because he felt threatened by another potential power struggle like he endured in Pittsburgh with Bill Cowher and wanted a coordinator who'd sell his dog to get a head coaching job.
In other words, Donahoe would have hired Elmo to coach the Bills if Sesame Street would have let the furry red muppet out of his contract.
Fast forward to 2007: after Marty Schottenheimer coached the San Diego Chargers to a 14 2 record,nike tn, the Lightning Bolts dropped their only playoff game to the New England Patriots. After refusing a contract extension, Schottenheimer allowed his assistants to take other jobs around the NFL. Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron became head coach of the Miami Dolphins, while defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, signed on to replace Bill Parcells in Big D. Several other assistants took coordinator positions throughout the league and Schottenheimer and Smith couldn't agree on who to replenish the barren Chargers staff with, let alone agree on anything at all.
Based on the pair's bad blood, Chargers owner Dean Spanos decided to part ways with Schottenheimer and replace him with Norv Turner.
Turner has enjoyed success as an offensive coordinator, helping quarterback Troy Aikman become a Hall of Famer and helping the Cowboys win two Super Bowls.
The latter of the two championships was in January of 1994. Then, Bill Clinton was starting his second year as President. Nirvana lead singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain was still alive. Barry Switzer hadn't coached an NFL game yet. And Turner's new QB, Phillip Rivers,longchamps pas cher, had just turned 12.
Since, Turner's failures as a head coach have been well documented. While he brought the Washington Redskins to a single playoff appearance in seven years, he finished with a 49 59 record. Then after a three year layoff,scarpe hogan, he led the Raiders to a total of nine wins in two seasons and dropped his career coaching record to 24 games below .500.
To make matters worse,tn pas cher, Marty Schottenheimer finished the 2006 season by winning his 200th game. So why is Turner the best man to coach the Chargers in 2007?
Because Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells and Bill Cowher have no desire to coach this year.
Defensive coaches Ron Rivera,chaussure tn pas cher, Mike Singletary, Mike Zimmer and Rex Ryan have never coached before and look like they'll have to wait another season to get their chance, even though each of them have a better coaching record than Turner before they're even handed their first red challenge flag.
The bottom line is this: AJ Smith won't hire a Mike Martz or a Steve Mariucci two head coaches with histories of butting heads with front office executives. Nor will Smith hire a rookie coach for a veteran team,nike tn, despite the success of other first time head coaches throughout the league this season:
Lovie Smith brought the Bears to the Super Bowl in his third season.
Sean Payton took a New Orleans Saints team with three wins in 2005 to the NFC Championship Game.
Eric Mangini brought the NY Jets a team projected by many preseason prognosticators to finish at the bottom of the AFC East to the playoffs.
Turner's old boss, Mike Nolan,air jordans, has the San Francisco 49ers almost completely turned around only two seasons removed from taking Alex Smith first overall in the 2005 NFL Draft.
Yet, according to AJ Smith, Norv Turner, and his 58 82 1 coaching record is the right man to take over what was arguably the NFL's best team in 2006.
Congratulations Chargers fans. It seems your general manager's first head coaching hire looks a lot like the ones Tom Donahoe made when he took over for Smith's old boss in Buffalo. Rather than hire an up and comer, or a veteran head coach with a track record of success, he'd rather hire a puppet and a re tread.
And look: besides losing a season and a half more games than he's won, he also comes equipped with nine years of brow beatings from Jack Kent Cooke, Dan Snyder and Al Davis. The perfect fit for a paranoid front office in need of a target for cricket practice.
Meanwhile, Ron Rivera who led Chicago's defense to the Super Bowl, was somehow good enough to take a demotion as the Chargers linebackers coach, while Ted Cottrell, who's best season as a defensive coordinator was in 1999 when he worked with Smith in Buffalo, reprises that role after a year's "retirement."
Yup, there's no denying who's the boss in San Diego.
But if Norv Turner can't bring a 14 2 team back to the playoffs, he and his new boss may be looking for golf courses in Donahoeville, as early as 2008.????????



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