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MessageboardAlte Public Forenterritorial integrity and national security

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Dai Bingguo said, China and Russia are to realize national rejuvenation and prosperity of the country in the process of their development, have good internal and external environment,hogan bambino, with the interests and aspirations in the common strategic security. In the complicated and changeable international situation, is of great significance to strengthen China Russia strategic security consultation and cooperation, both sides will continue to firmly support each other to maintain the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security,basket jordan, and follow the path of development suited to their national conditions; continue to jointly safeguard the UN Charter's purposes and universally recognized norms of international relations,Louboutin soldes, promote world multipolarization and international relations democratization; continue to jointly safeguard the peripheral security strategy,tn requins, create a peaceful and stable environment for their development; continue to push forward bilateral pragmatic cooperation,scarpe hogan interactive, provide a solid material foundation for the development of China Russia relations better. China is ready to work with Russia, along the two heads of state jointly determine the equality and mutual trust, mutual support and common prosperity, friendship from generation to generation direction,tn soldes, not to move or retreat to push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, for the benefit of the two peoples, and make greater contribution to world peace, stability and prosperity.
view bilateral also Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, the Shanghai cooperation organization, the BRICs cooperation, Asia Pacific situation issues such as exchange.
China and Russia held a strategic security consultation and exchange views on issues such as Syria
Pat Rusche J said, bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries steadily, fruitful pragmatic cooperation,air max france, strategic cooperation fruitful. Both views on many major issues, not any obstacle, affect the development of bilateral relations exist between each other in June this year, President Putin paid a successful state visit to the Chinese, heads of state of the two countries reached new important consensus, indicates the direction for the future development of bilateral ties. Russia is willing to make joint efforts with China, to continuously upgrade the level of pragmatic cooperation,christian louboutin pas cher, make good use of the strategic security consultation mechanism, strengthen the international and regional issues of communication and collaboration,air jordan 6, make the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and China to better serve the development of the two countries,tn requin pas cher, better maintenance of regional and international security and stability,escarpin Louboutin pas cher, and better promote the international order towards a more fair and reasonable direction.
in new network on 20 August, according to the website of Ministry of foreign affairs, on August 20,tn requin pas cher homme, 2012, State Councilor Dai Bingguo held the seventh round of China Russia strategic security talks in Moscow with Russian Security Council Secretary Pat Rusche J. The China Russia relations and major international and regional issues of common concern in-depth exchange of views.



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2006 June, Xie Jianwen due to participate in gambling Liuhe color lost about 700000 yuan, in order to repay a debt, Xie violates company rules, using the convenience of duty, misappropriation of premium, and the premium return after the second the previous misappropriate premiums.
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