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# 53 by Cassim
23.06.2013 - 19:53 email icq IP: logged quote

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# 52 by Fadhila
23.06.2013 - 08:43 email icq IP: logged quote

Hi Susan, I have been teaching a mlothny Seminar, Relationship & Mutuality in Change: A Post-Modern Practice Paradigm . We have been reading and discussing Siegel, Badenoch,, Fonagy, Fosha, etc, etc. We are beginning to read a book on The Healing Power of Emotion: Affective Neuroscience, Development & Clinical Practice by Fosha, Siegel, & Solomon. Following the completion of this book, we will read Affect Regulation, Mentalization & Development of Self , by Fonagy. The group varies from 6-8 experienced clinicians. We meet the 3rd Friday of each month from 1-3pm at MDS Counseling Center, 1355 S. Colorado Blvd. The cost is $45 per seminar meeting. I'm sure you would enjoy the group, and you would feel quite at home. Let me know if you are interested.Sandra

# 51 by Tish
21.06.2013 - 19:26 email icq IP: logged quote

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# 50 by cavinawu
27.02.2013 - 08:14 email IP: logged quote

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# 49 by Bubby
06.12.2012 - 14:01 email icq IP: logged quote

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# 48 by Finch
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# 47 by Buff
13.11.2012 - 02:42 email icq IP: logged quote

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# 46 by Elmira
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# 44 by Elora
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# 43 by Parthena
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# 42 by Parthena
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# 40 by windows 7 key
05.07.2012 - 03:18 email IP: logged quote

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# 39 by yanxu
16.05.2012 - 11:13 email IP: logged quote

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